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Knit Bogolanfini

Happy New Year…I’m back! I didn’t blog in 2014 but I have high hopes for 2015.   Oddly, in the absence of blogging, I managed to embrace my knitting design voice. I’m knitting without referring to written patterns and  merely relying on techniques that I’ve learned and repeatedly used over the years. I’m enjoying the process, creating vibrant designs, dabbling in Fair Isle, … Continue reading

Happy Knitting 2013

Happy Knitting 2013

Happy Knitting in 2013!  I LOVE to knit…I knit every day. Yes, every day.  My passion is knitting to GIVE and teaching others to knit.    I enjoy learning too.  I’m hoping others will want to share knitting experiences here. I’m always looking for opportunities to knit for anyone in need or for community outreach efforts … Continue reading