Happy Knitting 2013


Happy Knitting in 2013!  I LOVE to knit…I knit every day. Yes, every day.  My passion is knitting to GIVE and teaching others to knit.    I enjoy learning too.  I’m hoping others will want to share knitting experiences here. I’m always looking for opportunities to knit for anyone in need or for community outreach efforts so feel free to contact me.

I learned recently from designer Brenda Patipa ( that I’m a process knitter meaning that I knit for the mere experience. Of course, this means that I have several projects going at once.  I don’t mind ripping apart a piece that I’ve just spent hours knitting if the design just isn’t working…it’s just time and yarn.

I’m developing  a free pattern to share so please check back in a few weeks or sign up to receive an email announcing  new post… Ma G loves 2 knit!


5 thoughts on “Happy Knitting 2013

  1. Great job. Happy to hear things are going well. My plan was to check out your Ravlery page this week so thanks for the reminder; you must check me out also. Challenges continue to come but I’m having fun. Hope to see/chat with you soon.

  2. Congratulations on our new goals and your contritubutions to the community. I have known you to be a gracious and loving soul and I can see nothing has changed. May God protect you in all your efforts and may he provide you with the tools and materials to share with those without.

    Blessings Linda RH

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