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Happy New Year…I’m back! I didn’t blog in 2014 but I have high hopes for 2015.   Oddly, in the absence of blogging, I managed to embrace my knitting design voice. I’m knitting without referring to written patterns and  merely relying on techniques that I’ve learned and repeatedly used over the years. I’m enjoying the process, creating vibrant designs, dabbling in Fair Isle, drafting charts, and producing rich colorways and textured knitted fabric. Loving the freedom! I’m anxious to share my passion. With each new post  you can expect to get an original free pattern created by me, or needle craft resources, or website links to take your knitting skills to the next level.  Shamelessly, I’m releasing the teacher in me.

Let’s knit Bogolanfini!  A few years ago, I purchased The Art of African Textiles by Duncan Clarke because the textile  illustrations are exquisite. With a glass of wine or a cup of rich robust coffee, I become lost in this book.  My close acquaintances will vouch that I have a strong affinity for Afrocentric fabric design and decor…it brands me.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I got inspired by the illustration on page 86 displaying fabric decorated by women in the Bamana-speaking region of Mali. I learned that a unique procedure is used to create dyes made from mud and leaves to produce white (ecru in my opinion) designs outlined by a black background. Inspired, I put pencil to graph paper and sketched my interpretation of a segment of the Bogolanfini design. I whipped out my black and beige yarn with needles and surrendered to my knitting instinct…again, how freeing. I’m hoping the recipient of the pictured hat (knitted for charity) will rock someone’s sense of Afrocentric fashion.  

Interested in knitting the simple mud cloth design (pictured above) into one of your projects? Feel free to click the link  Knit Bogolanfini charts to get my free design charts.   I would love to see what you create so please send pictures.

Enjoy the freedom to create with your yarn and needles what’s in you heart!

Magloves2knit mud cloth!


3 thoughts on “Knit Bogolanfini

  1. besides being a knitter that’s touched from Heaven’s throne room, you are an eloquent writer and really should consider writing books… wow

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