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Tannenbaum scrolled up!

TannenbaumI’m BACK and I’ve miss you all! My blogging hiatus ends right here right now because I fell in love with Tannenbaum. I think his last name is Cowl.

In 2013, I started posting my knitting on Instagram (maglove2knit).  I habitually follow knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, yarn vendors and shops. The global and domestic community of fiber/needlework contributors and vendors are astonishing. I am inspirited, challenged, and enriched with life-long learning in my daily knitting and meager crocheting endeavors.

A few days ago while scrolling through IG, I was awestruck by the holiday cowl – Tannenbaum.  The photo was eye candy. But the best was that the pattern was FREE until December 27 at 8 am on Ravelry . Yes, I immediately downloaded the pattern!  I felt a kinship to the designer because I also own the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework (originally published in 1979) that is mentioned in the pattern. I had some holiday green worsted yarn in my stash and started knitting the cowl. I’m thrilled to have my first 2019 holiday knit project on needles. Introducing designer:  Saysha Greene. Instagram: InSayshable.knit.  Ravelry: inSayshable.  Obvious, I’m impressed so when you have a moment, check her out.

I’m BACK to chat about my knitting experiences. Recently, I got enthralled in an online discussion of “Black People Do Knit & the Diversknitty Conversation” on Instagram. Check out the conversation presented by designer Jeanette Sloan.  It’s an enlightening read and she offers a great resource list of designers and fiber vendors .

Happy New Year!  I must get back to Tannenbaum because Ma G Loves 2 Knit!


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